50 Yard Outdoor Range

Our outdoor range is suitable for use with all non FAC airguns.

50 Yard Indoor Range

Great for mid range non FAC air gun target shooting and sighting in with no wind. Includes multiple interactive targets.

10 Yard Indoor Range

This range is specifically for target shooting with air guns whose power is under 6 foot pounds. Six yard ‘bell’ targets are also available.

30 Yard Indoor Range

A target range for both firearms and air guns. Targets can be set at 20 or 30 yards. The range also boasts turning targets.

Social Area

Comfortable warm social area and kitchen facilities.

Our Message

We are a ‘member’s owned’ club with a friendly and helpful atmosphere which caters for  target shooters of all ages, abilities and standards, from beginners to competition entrants.

The club is not only affiliated to Sport England but also to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (Affiliation Number 6728) and the National Rifle Association (Affiliation Number C963). We are also Home Office approved (Home Office Reference Number CFP/10/1/7/4/1/2/1/2/3/464).

Next Steps…

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